SOUNDTRACK: Brimstone & Treacle

Jul 01, 1982
Track List And Lyrics
    DISC NO: 1
  1. When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder lyrics
  2. Brimstone & Treacle lyrics
  3. Narration lyrics
  4. How Stupid Mr. Bates lyrics
  5. Only You lyrics
  6. I Burn For You lyrics
  7. Spread A Little Happiness lyrics
  8. We Got The Beat (The Go-Go's) lyrics
  9. You Know I Had The Strangest Dream lyrics
  10. Up The Junction (Squeeze) lyrics
  11. Bless This House (The Brimstone Chorale) lyrics
  12. A Kind Of Loving lyrics
  13. Brimstone 2 lyrics
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Review from Melody Maker by Paul Colbert "There are several reasons for copping a listen to this, but being a great album is not one of them. It's ostensibly the soundtrack for Sting's silver screen debut, but there is more to it than that and... er... less. Let's take the less part first. 'Spread A Little Happiness' you've already heard, 'We Got The Beat' by the Go-Go's was on their previous album, 'Up The Junction' is one of Squeeze's finest but yonks old and scattered around them are atmospheric bits on a recurrent theme (usually music for screams) choir type jobs and in once case a piece of narration. So, okay if you haven't got any of the above or if you've witnessed the flick and wish to recapture the spookier elements in a darkened room with only the hi-fi for company. What's more likely to lure out the pound notes is the three cuts here that will be the only new Police material to be heard in 1982 - unless there's a severe resketching of the master plan. 'A Kind Of Loving' is a loose and unconvincing white reggae jam swamped by a vocal exorcism in the background. Not much cop. 'How Stupid Mr Bates' is several rungs up the ladder; an irresistible, pulsing instrumental in the Police tradition. And then there's 'Burn For You', which has already been covered by, of all people, Hot Gossip. I would buy this album in order to own this one song. I've been playing it for days and it won't move out of my ears. There's an eerie, cool strength behind it and the band never quite touches the ground. In comparison it lies somewhere between 'Invisible Sun' and 'Secret Journey' from the 'Ghost In The Machine' album. Sod the film, it's a pity there won't be anymore like this until 1983."

Review from Trouser Press "For serious Police fans only. This consists primarily of useless soundtrack filler: old tracks from Squeeze and the Go-Go's, a tedious narration and bland instrumentals. On the bright side, Sting sings a few, including a campy dance-band ditty. Will That suffice."