Trudie Styler will lead Culture Project's production of The Seagull, playing the distinguished actress, Isobel

September 13, 2013

Thomas Kilroy's extraordinary adaptation of The Seagull, reimagined in East Galway 1886, reveals a whole new political resonance. The brilliant cast captures the passion and emotional currents of Chekhov’s wonderful play.

Legendary director Max Stafford-Clark promises, “You won’t have seen this before.”

Click here to purchase tickets for the limited run of this groundbreaking play. Running from October 3 - November 3 in NYC!


Sep 12, 2013

He happily admits to being a pretentious yogic high-flyer who wound people up with talk of his tantric sex life. Now he's back with his first album in nearly a decade and a musical on Broadway. What a pretentious wanker I am!" shouts Sting loudly. We are on the French Riviera, sitting at a quiet table on the balcony of the house - now a hotel - where F Scott Fitzgerald wrote Tender is the Night, and I have just reminded Sting of a remark he made in 1987. Then a 36-year-old superstar promoting a new album, Nothing Like the Sun, he declared: "I don't want to be a pop star all my life. I'd quite like to be a balding, rotund, Jungian analyst between 40 and 50..."

Sep 12, 2013

Early in May, a few hundred people received hush-hush invitations to the Signature Theater in Midtown. They arrived for a staged reading, a spartan workshop production assembled in under 29 hours of rehearsal as a preview for potential backers and other interested parties. On a crowded stage, with scripts in hand, cast members played out a story set in an English town whose shipbuilding industry was in its last throes. The plot intertwines a love triangle, reckonings between fathers and sons and a labor uprising (workers seizing a factory to build a last ship before the factory shuts down) with crosscurrents of economics and faith. The songs bridge show tunes and British folk traditions. The presentation received a standing ovation, something that doesn't always happen at staged readings...