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Towers Tumble



Mike Howlett


Towers Tumble

Towers tumbled all the buildings crumbled
Volcanoes rumbled
Insurance salesman mumbled
Ballerians bumbled all the heroes stumbled
Politicians fumbled

Suddenly a hand held out take a ticket tout
It was a chart it was a card
And those are your instructions
And what he offered in his hand
It was a diagram master plan
A secret plan for your deduction

Crystals shatter all the singers chatter
While the drums just clatter
Your silken raiment's tatter
While all the poets chatter "Oh, it doesn't matter"
Please ignore the latter
Settle back you're growing fatter
Oh you know you've got no conception
Well, you're far out in space
I see you trying to trace a design
Of your heart on the stars

On the open ocean like an open book
See the feeble fumble for a better look
See the sheep shake
In their sleep wake
Not an earthquake
Or a death wake

And all the while through the testing and the trials
She smiles
Eternity smiles

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